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Tips for thrift store (and other shopping)

"I wear your granddad's clothes I look incredible I'm in this big a** coat From that thrift shop down the road." Musician Macklemore (from Kent, WA, the state I live in) said it all - you can look incredible in thrift store clothes. Here's some tips to help: Wear...

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What I think of Marie Kondo

What I think of Marie Kondo.  I love her.  What's not to love? She's adorable, quirky, spiritual, effective and is sparking joy worldwide.  Ever since Netflix created a show around her, she's had a resurgence of popularity, even more so than then her book The Magic of...

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Set your wardrobe up for success.

Set your wardrobe up for success. What do I mean by this?  Curate a wardrobe of clothes that you love, that flatter you, fit you, make you feel great and are easy to mix and match. Have enough that you can do laundry on your schedule, not in a rush because your only...

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Do you have a decent head shot? 

Do you have a decent head shot? I know I usually write about inner and outer style for the whole person, but this is one thing all women should have. Whether a dating site, LinkedIn, your FB profile, Instagram, Pinterest or any other digital use, a simple but...

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What is “cost per wear?”

Quick math you should consider when you're about to purchase something.  Cost per wear.  Divide the cost by the amount of times you plan on wearing the item. This also helps with impulse purchases and when you are wavering over an expensive piece that you love.  For...

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How to add visual interest to an outfit.

What's the big deal about visual interest?  There is nothing wrong with monochrome if that's your thing. I also know women who like capsule wardrobes made up of three neutral colors, but in general, our eyes like to look at visually interesting things, that's how...

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What I would wear to my funeral

I'm sad. My husband lost a close family member who was unique and precious and we are in NZ. The funeral was yesterday and it was beautiful. He would have heartily approved.   I usually talk about how clothing is literally part of the fabric of our life, so I'll...

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Should you have these shoes in your closet?

I read an article about 12 pairs of shoes every woman should own. If you'd like to peruse it, check out this link to Harper's Bazaar.  I'll give you the list then I'll tell you what is useful about it, and what is simply WRONG.  Metallic heels Animal print heels Tall...

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Don’t dress for the rear view mirror

Kia ora (hello) beautiful, Here's what I mean by "don't dress for the rear view mirror." Don't dress for the past. No, I'm not talking about the resurgence of 80's power heels, I mean your past.  Especially if it's holding you back.  Don't dress for who you were....

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