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Shopping when you’re a size 18 sucks

Shopping when you’re a size 18 sucks. I have a beautiful client who is a size 18. We know what her unique Style Statement is, we’ve decluttered what she has that doesn’t make her feel good or look great, we’ve created a shopping list, we have a spending plan, we know...

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Is your skin warm toned or cool toned?

Do you know if your skin is yellow toned (warm) or blue toned (cool)? And does this really matter? Everyone's skin has an undertone, not always obvious at first sight, and this means that certain shades look better on them than others.  Undertones have been divided...

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Your clothes tell people what you value.

I go through a values exercise with clients to ensure that they are dressing in alignment with what truly matters to them (such as sustainability, freedom, contribution) but if you haven't worked with me, may I suggest that you think about this when you are choosing...

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Do you know what you spent on clothing in 2018?

I write down daily what I spend in my personal and business life. I don't judge myself or resolve to "do better" and I don't budget - rather, I have a spending plan that includes everything that I want or need to allocate money to. Some categories might only get a few...

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Would your Style Icon wear it?

Here's your question for today. When you're out shopping, or just staring at your current wardrobe, ask yourself - What would my style icon wear?  It's one of the tips I suggest to clients once we've got their Style Statement created, but you can start asking yourself...

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Three things to remember when going on a date

I was asked the other day "What should I wear on a date?" Ah... I don't know. But I'll help you work it out. We've all been told the importance of first impressions and usually, we want a date to go well, otherwise, we'd stay home and watch Netflix.  I'm also going to...

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I told an 83-year-old to buy fishnets last week.

I told an 83-year-old to buy fishnets last week. I was in Target (Tahhjay, darling) pondering some socks. Why is it that the ones that say they don't show when you're wearing sneakers always show? While there, I overheard a woman saying, "Aren't I too old for fishnets...

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